4000 Square feet 1 Year On

Its been 1 year since the Citizen L20 type VIII arrived to complete the 20mm cell at Sub Cnc Precision, time to update how its been in 2017!

The unit was acquired late summer of 2016, a full electrical install took place including LED lighting for an energy efficient and comfortable environment. Heating systems, Air purification systems, Oil reclamation system, and machine network connectivity all installed by the time the L20 ready for installation.

Early 2017 was the 1st appearance at Southern Manufacturing Exhibition, a good show case for the capacity and services offered by the Bedforshire based firm has already lead to some repeating clients. as a result next years stand is already booked on M150

Come April and additional capacity was required, the department was busy running contract call off orders and lead-times had potential to creep up. Not wanting to let service levels slip RFQs

By this time Citizen had launched the Low Frequency Vibration technology, and to quote a recent customer visit, being a “forward thinking company” it makes sense to acquire the latest technology to keep ahead.

The “LFV” hasn’t stop chipping our difficult material tasks since, keep an eye on social media for component examples.

More LFV news on the horizon…………..

20mm section 1024x768 1
L20 1024x768 1