Additional floor space to stretch out in

With our latest acquisition (Citizen L32 Type XII) taking up the last available space at our Dunstable works in May, the search soon turned to additional floor space.

We are pleased to announce we have secured a second unit on our current site, doubling our effective shop floor to around 4000 square feet.

Work has already began on the refit with air and electrical supplies going in as we speak.

To celebrate we are treating the unit to a Brand new Citizen L20 Type VIII, ordered this week the new machine will be joined by our current range of 4 citizen 20mm machines to create a dedicated cell.

32mm and above will remain in our current workshop the 2 sites becoming more streamlined and focused in their activities.

New machinery, new contracts, and new premises. we are entering into an exiting period of growth and are always on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals to join our team, so if you are local and would like to get involved in our plans, please do get in touch.

email is on the website, and the usual social channels will be updating the news over the coming weeks.