Citizen L32 Type XII Installed

As we enter the mid month of 2016, the staff at Sub CNC are learning the ropes on Citizens latest L32 series Sliding head machine centre. First on display at the Citizen-Miyano Open house in the Autumn of 2015, the machine was offered in 4 configurations from 7 Axis standard layout, to full 9 Axis including 2 “Y” axis slides and a fully programmable “B” axis.

Fast forward to the Spring and the opportunity to supply a family of components came. An additional 32mm capacity would be required and after seeing the flexibility of the Type XII 9 Axis top of the range (You Tube demo Here) machine at Mach 2016, the order was placed on the spot.

4 weeks later the machine, complete with comprehensive tooling package, fully programmable “B” Axis and High Pressure coolant system, was delivered to our Bedfordshire site.

keep any eye on our social media feeds for parts produced on the new machine.

L32 Del 768x1024 1
Mach 2016 YGand Tony 1024x1024 1